"I'm so glad I bought and read "Enemies Unseen." Many images and concepts continue to come to mind. We are in a spiritual ugly battle every day and you captured what it looks like!" --Cheryl B.

If you enjoy a good compelling story with a culturally relevant message, an emotionally engaging and thought-provoking story line, a sympathetic protagonist, and an unexpected ending, I invite you to give "Enemies Unseen" a try. Support quality work in independent publishing. Please consider picking up this book."

                                        --Ben D.

"From the start your heart will be pounding and then, as the plot twists, you wonder how things could have happened the way they unfold. . . . Pulls you in!"   --Steven B.

"The book is amazing, inspiring, thought-provoking and gripping! . . . The story was believable from start to finish and something that any father (or wife) could see happening to them (since we see it in the news all the time).  The details, from the fight, to his thoughts, to his struggles were vivid and made you feel like you were right there knowing him and having a conversation with him." --Jay C.  

What Are People Saying About "Enemies Unseen"?

Michael J. Alcorn