"...A Truly Needed Message"

"A quick read, the story is well-written and uplifting, with a truly needed message. I found it very appropriate to be able to read the story on Christmas Day, but for a low, low price you could enjoy it any time of the year!"

--Ben D.

"It Is Thought Provoking"


"If you like to read a Christmas genre book like I do each season...read this. I just did and love it! It is thought provoking. "...Are you the church?"


--Sherry B.

"A Story That Will Touch Your Heart"


"I had a chance to read this while in the editing stage. Not only is the book well written with wonderful character develpment and vivd description, it is a story that will touch your hear. Michael writes with passion and this is the first book from an up and coming author"


--Steven B.

What Are People Saying About "The Accidental Christmas?"

"Hope, Love and Forgiveness"


"Just got done reading The Accidental Christmas by Michael J. Alcorn. What an amazing story about hope, love and forgiveness. You really need to read this."


--Christa L.

"A Great, Inspirational, Feel Good Story"

"A very good friend of mine just published his first fiction work, an amazing Christmas story. I had the privilege to read this when he first finished it and thought it was absolutely AMAZING. My first thought was this was the next Hallmark Christmas movie (I know, a little bit of a biased friend, but true none the less). . . . If you enjoy reading a great, inspirational, feel good story, I would encourage you to ... give it a read!"


--Jay C.

"You Will Find Yourself In These Pages of HOPE for this Christmas Season"


"[The] Accidental Christmas" is a stirring story for the season. Our lives as Christians should be filled with a walk that dances betweent the supernatural and our 3 dimensional world. Michael j. Alcorn accomplishes just such a story with his debut novel. Have you ever wondered if the small thing you were prompted or compelled to do for another had eternal purpose: You will find yourself in these pages of HOPE for this Christmas season."


--Cheryl M.